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Meet Annette

Owner & Founder

After surviving a two-year battle with cancer and living with an autoimmune disease, including a near-death experience, I have transformed my life and am thriving! I credit this remarkable transformation to my deep spiritual practice, which has allowed me to connect with my life’s purpose of healing people while spreading love and kindness. 

Throughout the years I have been learning and applying various modalities and tools needed to help me heal, with the main one being Ayurveda. I've also been meditating regularly, journaling, and working with herbs. Ayurveda has taught me that when we understand our bodies and minds, we're better able to understand our soul purpose. And from that place, we're able to live each day mindfully, enjoying the journey. Ayurveda gives us the tools we need to listen to the voice of our soul, rather than the voice of the ego. It certainly has provided me with a solid foundation from which I live. My journey has brought me here--to bring those modalities and tools and practices to you, to help you live your fullest, best life!


I provide integrative care and complementary therapies that promote optimal health and stress management. My unique approach is tailored to the individual and may combine Ayurveda, meditation, diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies, marma and massage therapy, yoga, dance, and fitness. I look forward to working with you!

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